Hope lies in dreams ,in imagination and in courage of those who dare to make dreams into reality.

In this new dream like you have never before.

Go wild in your imaginations.Also remember that your feet don’t go where your mind hasn’t been.

Written with love by

Menzi Manukuza


Is Nelson Mandela a Sellout???

Mandela was known by many to be a freedom fighter ,anti apartheid hero and a global icon.

A debate emerged in South Africa just after two years of his death .This debate questioned his towering legacy .The question was Mandela a sellout.

This may seem like a very taboo sentiment to some. Here in South Africa it speaks to the feeling that blacks got a raw deal in the negotiation that ended apartheid.

We all know that black people only achieved political freedom and that much of our country’s wealth remained in the hands of white people. At that time it was seen as necessary compromise to protect the country’s economy. This was because black people were thought to be unfit to control such an important aspect.

It’s been more than 20 years later but still we see economic apartheid continuing .It’s no secret that South Africa is one of the most unequal countries in the world.

“The Nelson Mandela we know that we celebrate now is nothing but a stage-managed Mandela who compromised the principles of the revolution which are stated in the freedom Charter”said Julius Malema an outspoken former youth league leader of the African National Congress which is Mandela’s party.

What is even more shocking is that even his ex-wife Winnie Madikizela Mandela said that “Mandela let us down “. She believes that economically we are still oppressed because the economy is very much ‘white’. It has a few token of blacks but many who gave their life in the struggle have died unrewarded.

Ralph Mathekga said that in South Africa there is a tendency to blame individuals rather than understanding the complexities of a situation .There question was who were we supposed to blame because we looked up to him as a leader to make sure we get a good deal.

If a woman who slept besides him and who is the mother of his children says that he let us down .Then who are we to dispute that because not many of us knew him on a personal level.

This is a man in which we put our hopes and trust in .All that he was supposed to do as leader was to ensure that the values of the freedom Charter were implemented .That’s if the Freedom Charter really mattered to him.

His hunger for power resulted in him supporting the suggestion of having his wife subpoenaed to testify at the Truth and Reconciliation Committee .This happened just after his wife’s nomination for the position of being a deputy president of the ANC

This man forgave the apartheid government but could not forgive his own wife.

Do black lives really Matter in SA!!!

The answer to this question could be yes and no.

Some say that black lives don’t matter because of the poor and devastating conditions that black people are living under.Then if we initiate within those grounds its wreak.

I for one may say that black lives do matter because based on economic and social issues we tend to freeze particular things that empower black people . Black people would then back slide and do not pay attention in terms of such things .

“In terms of economy we are living under the white supremacy and we know they control black people as a whole”said kgothatso Thlone When asked about this issue.

Even though l still think that for the white supremacy to make it up the power in terms of its currency it needs black people’s parcitipation .For instance this could be labour and entrepreneurship which empowers black people to do something with their lives.

Looking at it from the No side .I would say that black people have been made to think that they are not worth of leadership in SA.That’s why sometimes you hear people saying it’s okay for the white supremacy to lead because it knows that when black people are in the upper stool they would lead in a way that benefits them only .

A question arose in my mind to say that if we then say that we as black people have forgiven white people for putting us in those horrendous situations then why would we lead in a way that benefits us only.

This would mean that this whole so called “Reconciliation “thing is a lie.

Tell me what you think!!!!

Making others better as a result of your presence!!

This may seem like a hard thing to do.It only becomes easier when you have a vision and responsibility to raise the aspirations of other people.Leadership is all about character and how you treat those who do nothing for you.

Leadership at one time meant muscles but today it means getting along with people .Vusi Thembekwayo once said “You only become a leader when it’s the moment to lead.

We all have a false understanding of what a leader is. We think a leader is just a guy in charge.A leader is a person who brings a sense of clarity and certainty when around them there’s doubt and fear.

Leading comes with a lot of things which some of them is being stressed and pulled beyond your natural place of comfort.This then means that you will be able to prove that you can operate on all levels.

I want all of you to understand that one cannot be educated into leadership because leadership is not about qualifications.Leaders make an impact in someone’s life that will last even in their absence.

I love you all

Please let me know what you think about this conversation concerning leadership.

How to be stress free this December!

They say festive season is all about spreading the love! although your finances can either leave you smiling or miserable.Spending a lot of money on going to holidays and vacations may seem like a fun thing to do but that is really not what the festive season is all about.

Remember that going all out can also put pressure on your finances especially if it’s not planned.Therefore it’s advisable to do things that cost less but still stay truthful to what the festive season is all about.

“Many people have been preparing for this time since October but there are factors like unpredictable weather or overcrowded places that could warrant a last minute change of plans “said Marcus Zandhuis founder and MD of an online magazine called Capetown magazine.

There are three things that one should avoid this December which are the following.



3.Family feuds and chaos

We all know that things can easily go the other way but that does not mean we cannot try to quench them from going there.We all overspend at some point buts it all comes down to what do we overspend on.Its important to draw up a budget before hand so that you can use your money wisely.

Stress is part of life and it can get a little unsettling at some point.The solution is how do you tackle it.Chrismas time can be so stressful and demanding it becomes easy when you have everything figured out .That’s where the budget comes in because it will save you unnecessary stress.

All families have family reunions at this time of the year.We all know that everyone one will want to show-off how generous they are.Things can easily go wrong in such events and you may end up getting a blue eye or two . Question is will you be able to see the new year.

Take time to think about how you will spend your Christmas!!!

I love you all

Race and the effect it has on South African Society.

Personally l feel that the issue of race still affects South African Society today.We have all taken for granted that humankind can be actually be divided into “races”.But understanding human evolution helps us to understand that race does not exist.

Studies of human evolution show that all humans share a common ancestry.This means that we are all Africans in the sense that we all descended from the ancestors who lived in Africa 100000 years ago.Over the years l have realized that the concept of race is not scientific.One of the things that came to light was the fact that physical features such as skin colour , hair type and facial shape do not relate in any way to how people think or behave.

Race was just a justification used by the apartheid government to justify the oppression of black South Africans.Black people at this time were made to believe that light-skinned people were superior to dark-skinned people.Black people were forced to accept this ideology as a part of their lives.That is why when a white person says words such as “kafer”or “Monkey” to us we say their being racist and we get hurt.But when we say things that we think are racist to them they don’t get hurt.Why is this?this is because race does not exist to them.

One day l engaged in a discussion with my African brother about race and l asked him that if my mother is an Indian and my father is a white man , what race would l then fall under?

Normally in African tradition l would be obliged to take my fathers race.

Racial categories have become part of our identities and how we think about ourselves.Our history as South Africans is tied up with the way in which we were classified.

I’m starting to wonder if race really exists.